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Gene ID: 93760
Gene symbol: arid1a
Gene Description: at rich interactive domain 1a (swi1 like)
Aliases: 1110030E03Rik; Osa1; Smarcf1
Human Ortholog Gene ID: [8289]
Reviewer Judgement: TF Gene
Functional Classification: DNA-Binding: non-sequence-specific
DBD Protein Group Classification: Helix-Turn-Helix Group
DBD Protein Group/Family Classification: Helix-Turn-Helix Group / Arid Domain Family
Homolog Cluster(s): 239985


Pubmed ID Function Species Evidence Strength Reviewer's Comments Reviewer
[15170388] Non-specific DNA Human Medium "We have generated monoclonal antibodies specific for either p270 or ARID1B to facilitate the investigation of ARID1B and its potential interaction with human SWI/SNF complexes in vivo. Immunocomplex analysis provides direct evidence that endogenous ARID1B is associated with SWI/SNF-related complexes and indicates that p270 and ARID1B, similar to the ATPase subunits BRG1 and hBRM, are alternative, mutually exclusive subunits of the complexes... ...Analysis of DNA-binding behaviour indicates that ARID1B binds DNA in a non-sequence-specific manner similar to p270 [the authors use p270 as a synonym for ARID1A]." Jared Roach
Additional Reviewer Comments:
Reviewer: Jared Roach

ARID1A is part of the large ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complex SNF/SWI, which is required for transcriptional activation of genes normally repressed by chromatin

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Facts about Arid1a 93760RDF feed
Gene description at rich interactive domain 1a (swi1 like)  +
Gene id 93,760  +
Gene judgment TF Gene  +
Gene symbol arid1a  +, 1110030E03Rik  +, Osa1  +, and Smarcf1  +
Gene taxonomy DNA-Binding: non-sequence-specific  +
Homolog cluster 239,985  +
Protein family 1.1 Helix-Turn-Helix Group/109 Arid Domain Family  +
Protein group 1.1 Helix-Turn-Helix Group   +
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