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Gene ID: 12053
Gene symbol: bcl6
Gene Description: b-cell leukemia/lymphoma 6
Aliases: Bcl5
Human Ortholog Gene ID: [604]
Reviewer Judgement: TF Gene
Functional Classification: DNA-Binding: sequence-specific
DBD Protein Group Classification: Zinc-coordinating Group
DBD Protein Group/Family Classification: Zinc-coordinating Group / BetaBetaAlpha-zinc finger Family
Homolog Cluster(s): 107586


Pubmed ID Function Species Evidence Strength Reviewer's Comments Reviewer
[12097386] DNA Binding; Transactivation Mouse Strong Bcl6 binds to the putative Bcl6-binding sequence in the IL-5 gene (EMSA and chIP experiments).

Bcl6 can repress expression of the reporter gene with 2 or 4 copies of the IL-5 binding site. This repression is abolished with mutations i the binding site. The IL-5 binding site is required for Bcl6 to repress expression of the exogenous IL-5 gene.

Elodie Portales-Casamar
[15659391] DNA Binding; Transactivation Mouse Strong GST-BCL-6 recognizes three sites in the IL-4-responsive region of the mI{epsilon} promoter (DNase I footprinting and EMSA analyses).

Repression of germline {epsilon} promoter transcription is dependent on intact BCL-6-binding sites.

Elodie Portales-Casamar
Additional Reviewer Comments:
Reviewer: Elodie Portales-Casamar

Strong evidence of specific DNA binding in different genes using DNase I footprinting, EMSA and chIP experiments. Strong evidence of a repressor activity through those binding sites.

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Facts about Bcl6 12053RDF feed
Gene description b-cell leukemia/lymphoma 6  +
Gene id 12,053  +
Gene judgment TF Gene  +
Gene symbol bcl6  +, and Bcl5  +
Gene taxonomy DNA-Binding: sequence-specific  +
Homolog cluster 107,586  +
Protein family 2.1 Zinc-coordinating Group/17 BetaBetaAlpha-zinc finger Family  +
Protein group 2.1 Zinc-coordinating Group   +
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