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Gene ID: 544971
Gene symbol: bdp1
Gene Description: b double prime 1, subunit of rna polymerase iii transcription initiation factor iiib
Aliases: AI662220; AW049390; AW456745; B130055N23Rik; G630013P12Rik; KIAA1241; mKIAA1241; TAF3B1; TFC5; TFIIIB150; TFIIIB90; Tfnr
Human Ortholog Gene ID: [55814]
Reviewer Judgement: TF Gene
Functional Classification: Basal Transcription Factor
Homolog Cluster(s): 109181


Pubmed ID Function Species Evidence Strength Reviewer's Comments Reviewer
[11971960] TF PPI Other Weak yeast evidence for polymerase III cofactor role in TFIIIB Wyeth Wasserman
[12930823] TF PPI Other Medium basal cofactor for polymerase III in TFIIIB complex Wyeth Wasserman
[14527415] Transactivation; TF PPI Human Weak The pol III complex contains traces of CK2, and CK2 associates with the U6 promoter region in vivo. Transcription requires CK2 phosphorylation of the pol III complex. In contrast, CK2 phosphorylation of TBP, Brf2, and Bdp1 combined is inhibitory. The results define a minimum core machinery, the ultimate target of regulatory mechanisms, capable of directing all steps of the transcription process-initiation, elongation, and termination-by a metazoan RNA polymerase, and suggest positive and negative regulatory roles for CK2 in transcription by pol III. Wyeth Wasserman
[15469824] TF PPI Human Not Selected Bdp1 is phosphorylated by CK2 during mitosis, and this is accompanied by Bdp1 dissociation from the U6 promoter and from chromatin in general and by transcription repression. Wyeth Wasserman
Additional Reviewer Comments:
Reviewer: Wyeth Wasserman

part of the polymerase III system; member of TFIIIB; modification can result in transcriptional repression

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Facts about Bdp1 544971RDF feed
Gene description b double prime 1, subunit of rna polymerase iii transcription initiation factor iiib  +
Gene id 544,971  +
Gene judgment TF Gene  +
Gene symbol bdp1  +, AI662220  +, AW049390  +, AW456745  +, B130055N23Rik  +, G630013P12Rik  +, KIAA1241  +, mKIAA1241  +, TAF3B1  +, TFC5  +, TFIIIB150  +, TFIIIB90  +, and Tfnr  +
Gene taxonomy Basal Transcription Factor  +
Homolog cluster 109,181  +
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