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Gene ID: 12162
Gene symbol: bmp7
Gene Description: bone morphogenetic protein 7
Aliases: OP1
Human Ortholog Gene ID:
Reviewer Judgement: Indeterminate - There is no evidence for or against this gene's role as a TF
Functional Classification:


Pubmed ID Function Species Evidence Strength Reviewer's Comments Reviewer
[9369451] TF PPI Human Weak Gel shift experiments with nuclear extracts from C5.18 cells treated with OP-1 (Bmp7) indicate that OP-1 specifically increases the affinity of nuclear proteins that interact with the MEF-2-like A/T-rich sequence of the Collagen X promoter. Amy Ticoll
Additional Reviewer Comments:
Reviewer: Amy Ticoll

EMSAs performed with nuclear proteins treated with BMP-7 forms specific shifted complexes with the Collagen X promoter. No additional evidence is found showing BMP7 plays a nuclear role. BMP7 binds cell surface proteins involved in transcriptional regulation, and is thus unlikely to be involved in transcriptional regulation (PMID:15621726).

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Facts about Bmp7 12162RDF feed
Gene description bone morphogenetic protein 7  +
Gene id 12,162  +
Gene judgment Indeterminate - There is no evidence for or against this gene's role as a TF  +
Gene symbol bmp7  +, and OP1  +
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