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Gene ID: 72308
Gene symbol: brf1
Gene Description: brf1 homolog, subunit of rna polymerase iii transcription initiation factor iiib (s. cerevisiae)
Aliases: 2510002F24Rik; GTF3B; TAF3C; TAFIII90; TFIIIB90
Human Ortholog Gene ID: [2972]
Reviewer Judgement: TF Gene
Functional Classification: Basal Transcription Factor
Homolog Cluster(s): 229906


Pubmed ID Function Species Evidence Strength Reviewer's Comments Reviewer
[8943358] Other Human Medium Shown to be part of TFIIIB (RNA pol III) but appears not be essential for transcription activity. They purify the TBP-containing complex via column elution, immunoprecipitation. They show BRF associated with TBP by IP against anti-TBP on beads, then immunoblotting for BRF. They show BRF required for in vitro VAI promoter transcription, but not for U6 promoter transcription by immunodepletion against BRF of extracts and then testing for transcripts. Warren Cheung
[12198173] Other Human Weak Shows non-specific RNA binding to AU-rich regions.

Shows via EMSA BRF1 wild-type binding to AU-rich RNA. BRF1 expressed in E.coli, incubated in vitro with AU+ RNA.

Warren Cheung
[14976220] Other Human Weak Shows siRNA for Brf1 increases AU-rich element GFP reporter in HTwt16 (human blastoma) cells. Warren Cheung
[15538381] Other Mouse Medium Demonstrates RNA binding to AU Rich Elements, activating degradation of mRNA. mRNA shown to be degraded rapidly when BRF1 not phosphorylated by PKB in vitro. BRF1 shown to be phosphorylated in vivo (rat fibroblast), presence detected using antibody. EMSA shows BRF1 binding to ARE, with binding reduced when PKB added. Warren Cheung
Additional Reviewer Comments:
Reviewer: Warren Cheung

Shown to bind AU-rich Elements of mRNA in mouse, activating degradation. Sequence contains transcription initiation factor domain (function in yeast). Function in human differs from function in yeast - is needed for proper transcription of VIA promoter, but not needed for transcription of U6 promoter. Is part of the TBP-containing portion of the TFIIIB (RNA pol III)

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Facts about Brf1 72308RDF feed
Gene description brf1 homolog, subunit of rna polymerase iii transcription initiation factor iiib (s. cerevisiae)  +
Gene id 72,308  +
Gene judgment TF Gene  +
Gene symbol brf1  +, 2510002F24Rik  +, GTF3B  +, TAF3C  +, TAFIII90  +, and TFIIIB90  +
Gene taxonomy Basal Transcription Factor  +
Homolog cluster 229,906  +
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