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Gene ID: 57316
Gene symbol: c1d
Gene Description: nuclear dna binding protein
Aliases: 1110036E10Rik; AI875855; SUN-CoR
Human Ortholog Gene ID: [642521]
Reviewer Judgement: TF Gene Candidate
Functional Classification: Transcription Factor Binding: tf co-factor binding
Homolog Cluster(s): 57316


Pubmed ID Function Species Evidence Strength Reviewer's Comments Reviewer
[9405624] Co-activation; TF PPI Mouse Strong Describes the cloning and characterization of SUN-CoR which is upregulated during differentiation of 3T3-L1 and C2C12 cells. Luciferase assays show that SUN-CoR can potentiate the transrepression activity of TR and RevErb, but not KRAB and that this potentiation can be increased with increasing concentration of SUN-CoR. Co-Immunoprecipitation experiments show that a GST-fused SUN-CoR interacts with TR and RevErb. Sarav Sundararajan
Additional Reviewer Comments:
Reviewer: Sarav Sundararajan

Acts as a co-repressor, but no evidence found for specific DNA binding.

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Facts about C1d 57316RDF feed
Gene description nuclear dna binding protein  +
Gene id 57,316  +
Gene judgment TF Gene Candidate  +
Gene symbol c1d  +, 1110036E10Rik  +, AI875855  +, and SUN-CoR  +
Gene taxonomy Transcription Factor Binding: tf co-factor binding  +
Homolog cluster 57,316  +
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