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Gene ID: 13194
Gene symbol: ddb1
Gene Description: damage specific dna binding protein 1
Aliases: 127kDa; AA408517; p127-Ddb1
Human Ortholog Gene ID: [1642]
Reviewer Judgement: TF Gene Candidate
Functional Classification: Single stranded RNA/DNA binding;

Transcription Factor Binding: tf co-factor binding

Homolog Cluster(s): 13194


Pubmed ID Function Species Evidence Strength Reviewer's Comments Reviewer
[9418871] Co-activation Human Strong Paper: DDB, a Putative DNA Repair Protein, Can Function as a Transcriptional Partner of E2F1

Expression of DDB stimulated transcription from the E2F1 promoter (CAT reporter assay). The interaction between DDB and E2F1 can also be detected by coimmunoprecipitation experiments. Used Gal4 fusion constructs containing E2F1 and a reporter CAT gene containing five Gal4-binding sites demonstrate that DDB associates with the activation domain of E2F1 and stimulate E2F1-activated transcription.

Debra Fulton
[12145536] Non-specific DNA Human Strong Paper: Identification of Rat DDB1, a Putative DNA Repair Protein, and Functional Correlation with Its Damaged-DNA Recognition Activity
Damaged-DNA recognition activity has been identified as a complex of DDB1 (127-kD) and DDB2 (48-kD) subunits. Over-expression of DDB1 did not augment UV-damaged-DNA recognition activity in human HeLa, hamster V79, or rat PC12 cells. Restricting DDB2 expression by antisense ddb2 partially inhibited UV-damaged-DNA recognition activity in cells and overexpressing DDB2 through a recombinant ddb2 adenovirus partly restored the recognition activity of these cells.

UV-nonspecific DNA binding for DBD1 and DBD2 was demonstrated with EMSA and immunoblot analysis.

Debra Fulton
[12034848] Non-specific DNA Human Strong The p127 subunit of UV-DDB binds in vivo to p300, a histone acetyltransferase, in co-immunoprecipitation studies in lymphoblastoid cells. Jared Roach
[12034848] DNA Binding Human Strong DDB1 binds nonspecifically to UV-damaged DNA based on EMSA studies using UV-irradiated double-stranded DNA prepared from 60-mer oligonucleotides. Rob Sladek
Additional Reviewer Comments:
Reviewer: Jared Roach

Ddb1 is known in the literature as a DNA repair enzyme component. Co-immunoprecipitation studies indicate Ddb1 binds p300, a histone acetyltransferase.

Reviewer: Sarav Sundararajan

Binds DNA, but is involved in DNA repair, not transcription.

Reviewer: Rob Sladek

DDB1 (p127) and DDB2 (p48) form subunits of the damage-specific DNA binding protein. The DDB1 subunit binds DNA nonspecifically to DNA containing UV radiation photoproducts, while the DDB2 subunit interacts with p300.

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Facts about Ddb1 13194RDF feed
Gene description damage specific dna binding protein 1  +
Gene id 13,194  +
Gene judgment TF Gene Candidate  +
Gene symbol ddb1  +, 127kDa  +, AA408517  +, and p127-Ddb1  +
Gene taxonomy Single stranded RNA/DNA binding  +, and Transcription Factor Binding: tf co-factor binding  +
Homolog cluster 13,194  +
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