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Gene ID: 18612
Gene symbol: etv4
Gene Description: ets variant gene 4 (e1a enhancer binding protein, e1af)
Aliases: AW414408; Pea-3; Pea3
Human Ortholog Gene ID: [2118]
Reviewer Judgement: TF Gene
Functional Classification: Transcription Factor Binding: tf co-factor binding;

DNA-Binding: sequence-specific

DBD Protein Group Classification: Winged Helix-Turn-Helix
DBD Protein Group/Family Classification: Winged Helix-Turn-Helix / Ets Domain Family
Homolog Cluster(s): 104156


Pubmed ID Function Species Evidence Strength Reviewer's Comments Reviewer
[15138262] DNA Binding Mouse Strong A mobility shift indicative of an interaction between mouse Etv4 (referred to by alias PEA3 in this PMID) and the Ets-binding site sequence were observed in an EMSA assay in which E10 cell nuclear extracts were incubated with radiolabeled oligonucleotide probe corresponding encoding the Ets-binding site. Supershift assays using each of anti ETS-1, anti-PEA3 and anti-ERM alone and in combination identified the protein interactors as being a trimeric ETS-1-PEA3-ERM complex. Stuart Lithwick
[15466854] Co-activation Mouse Strong Etv4 (referred to by its alias, Pea3, in this PMID) activated reporter gene expression 24-fold in a cotransfection assay in which expression vectors for murine Pea3, Erm or Er81 were cotransfected into TAC-2.1 murine mammary cells along with a reporter vector (full length (-2673 to -1) murine bax promoter fused to luciferase). Etv4 also activated the expression of a minimal reporter vector (minimal (-100 to -1) murine bax promoter fused to luciferase).

Mobility shifts were observed in an EMSA assay, in which nuclear extracts of TAC-2.1 mammary cells were incubated with a labeled oligonucleotide corresponding to a subfragment of the murine bax promoter (-92 to -48 including 2 E-box binding sites). Supershift assays identified the lower band to be USF-1, and the upper band to be a Etv4-USF-1 complex; addition of anti-Etv4 caused a supershift of only the upper band while addition of anti-USF-1 caused a supershift of both bands.

Stuart Lithwick
Additional Reviewer Comments:
Reviewer: Stuart Lithwick

Etv4 (alias Pea3) is a transcription cofactor which binds to DNA in complex with other proteins in order to regulate transcription. Etv4 activates reporter expression 24-fold when cotransfected into murine mammary cells with a reporter vector including the mimimal promoter of the murine bax gene. Also, Etv4 interacts directly with an Ets-binding site oligonucleotide in complex with transcription factors ETS-1 and ERM, and interacts indirectly with the murine bax promoter in complex with transcription factor USF-1, as demonstrated by mobility shift assays.

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Facts about Etv4 18612RDF feed
Gene description ets variant gene 4 (e1a enhancer binding protein, e1af)  +
Gene id 18,612  +
Gene judgment TF Gene  +
Gene symbol etv4  +, AW414408  +, Pea-3  +, and Pea3  +
Gene taxonomy Transcription Factor Binding: tf co-factor binding  +, and DNA-Binding: sequence-specific  +
Homolog cluster 104,156  +
Protein family 1.2 Winged Helix-Turn-Helix/16 Ets Domain Family  +
Protein group 1.2 Winged Helix-Turn-Helix   +
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