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Gene ID: 108655
Gene symbol: foxp1
Gene Description: forkhead box p1
Aliases: 3110052D19Rik; 4932443N09Rik; AI461938; AW494214
Human Ortholog Gene ID: [27086]
Reviewer Judgement: TF Gene
Functional Classification: DNA-Binding: sequence-specific
DBD Protein Group Classification: Winged Helix-Turn-Helix
DBD Protein Group/Family Classification: Winged Helix-Turn-Helix / Forkhead Domain Family
Homolog Cluster(s): 108655


Pubmed ID Function Species Evidence Strength Reviewer's Comments Reviewer
[8265594] DNA Binding Unknown Strong DNA Binding:

"An 84-amino acid segment of QRF-1 [glutamine (Q)-rich factor 1], a newly cloned, B-cell-derived DNA-binding protein, shows significant sequence homology with the DNA-binding domains of the hepatocyte nuclear factor 3/fork head family of proteins. Here we demonstrate that this 84-amino acid domain is necessary and sufficient for DNA binding."

Jared Roach
[16819554] Transactivation Other Medium necessary for development Jared Roach
Additional Reviewer Comments:
Reviewer: Jared Roach

From OMIM: "Li and Tucker (1993) cloned a glutamine-rich factor, which they designated QRF1, that is expressed preferentially at the terminal differentiation stage of B cells and in skeletal muscle. The deduced 707-amino acid QRF1 protein contains an 84-amino acid segment that shows significant sequence homology with the DNA-binding domains of the hepatocyte nuclear factor-3/forkhead family of proteins."

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Facts about Foxp1 108655RDF feed
Gene description forkhead box p1  +
Gene id 108,655  +
Gene judgment TF Gene  +
Gene symbol foxp1  +, 3110052D19Rik  +, 4932443N09Rik  +, AI461938  +, and AW494214  +
Gene taxonomy DNA-Binding: sequence-specific  +
Homolog cluster 108,655  +
Protein family 1.2 Winged Helix-Turn-Helix/102 Forkhead Domain Family  +
Protein group 1.2 Winged Helix-Turn-Helix   +
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