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[edit] The TFCat Annotation Feedback System

We have established a TFCat Annotation Feedback System (TAFS) workflow to capture, track, and respond to annotation feedback suggestions. We have incorporated software by [Mantis] into our workflow process to record your feedback reports and facilitate follow-up action. You may access the feedback tracking system [here]

[edit] Accessing the Feedback System

You must have a TFCatWiki user id to access our feedback entry system. If you wish to contribute feedback and do not have a wiki user id, please create an account using the link found at the top, right-hand, corner of each wiki page.

When you create a user id on the TFCatWiki system, your user id is automatically entered in the Annotation Feedback System user table. Your initial password on the feedback reporting system is defaulted to your TFCatWiki user id. One thing to note: Mediawiki (the foundation software tool over which we developed this wiki system) capitalizes the first letter of your user id. You'll need to remember this when you sign on to the feedback system (for both your user id and initial password). You can change your password in the feedback system once you've logged on.

[edit] Viewing Annotation Feedback

There are two ways to view feedback:

  1. There is an inquiry link on the gene detail page that will list all feedback reported for the gene.
  2. You may sign on to the [feedback tracking system] to view reports. The link: [View Issues] will enable entry of feedback reports search criteria. The [My View] link will provide an overview of all feedback reports in the tfcat project.

[edit] Reporting Annotation Feedback

We welcome annotation feedback. Please log in to the [feedback tracking system] to record your feedback. Once you've logged in to the system, you may use the [Report Issue] link to enter your information. All fields noted with red asterisks on the report form must be completed. Feedback reports are made available for viewing through an inquiry function found on each TFCatWiki gene page and via access to the feedback tracking system (see the Viewing Annotation Feedback section above).

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