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Welcome to TFCatWiki!

Welcome to TFCat - a resource for scientists interested in aspects of gene transcription. TFCat provides the scientific community with organized information about human and mouse transcription factors (TFs). Each TF in the collection is assigned to one or more functional taxa and a confidence judgement, by an evaluating scientist, based on literature review. The confirmed TFs were used in a sequence-oriented homology analysis to predict additional TFs. The evidence-based TFs and predicted TFs within TFCat offer users a strong foundation for a diverse array of analyses.

The TFCat creators took a broad definition of TF to mean all proteins participating in the regulation of and/or initiation of gene transcription. In other words, the set includes more than just sequence-specific DNA binding proteins. However, it is likely that many users of TFCat will have a particular interest in DNA binding proteins. Therefore each protein in this key group is clearly distinguished within a functional taxonomy and further annotated within a structural classification system mapped to the DNA binding domain of the proteins.

TFCat is free for all to use. But stop for a moment to think about a key issue before downloading this data - TFCat depends on your input, so while you are here, please pick a transcription factor and provide us with your knowledge about that factor through our [feedback tracking system] or on a TF's wiki discussion page.

Thanks for visiting. Please let us know if you encounter problems, have suggestions, or want to lift our spirits by telling us how you have used TFCat in your research.

TFCatWiki E-mail Notification
Please create your free TFCat account by clicking on the linked tab at the top of the page. When you create a "new" wiki account, your wiki e-mail options will be set by default to receive monthly e-mail updates of annotation (article) page changes for those pages that you have contributed to. You may edit these options to change the frequency of e-mails and the update content included or you may disable the TFCatWiki e-mail option altogether here.

TFCatWiki Feedback
The motivation for a TFCat wiki is to promote feedback. If you disagree with the annotation content, you are encouraged to provide feedback. Make it better! There is far more literature than we could review, and it is likely that the informed expert will have greater knowledge about specific proteins. In short, we hope that you will both feel welcome and motivated to add your knowledge to this effort. You may access the feedback tracking system [here] to provide additional feedback and see a history of other feedback. See the Feedback Tracking Help for more information and access to help.
If you would like to assist with entry and modification of the annotations using our backend web-based system, please contact us.

Downloading TFCat Data
All gene annotation information presented on this wiki is available for download at: Users interested in a subset of transcription factors (for instance DNA binding proteins) may use the annotated features to filter the collection in a tailored fashion.

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