Join Us!

Join Us! We are always looking for curious individuals with a talent in computing, genomics and gene regulation. Feel free to contact us to explore matching interests.

Postdoctoral fellows

For the amazing silent genomes project we need a post-doc with an interest in equitable access to genome medicine. Creating resources in partnership with Canada's Indigenous communities that positively impact clinical genetics and empower choice.

We are developing new approaches based on Deep Learning. Ideally candidates will have experience with machine learning methods, but candidates with experience across the life sciences who have demonstrated a strong commitment to developing programming skills are encouraged to apply.

Graduate students

The lab is not presently seeking graduate students. We do review applications and would consider exceptional candidates at anytime. However, we do not currently anticipate taking on new students until 2023. When we do take on students, most pursue their training within the UBC Bioinformatics Graduate Program.

Undergraduate students

We periodically welcome UBC Work-Learn students, coop students from across Canada, and UBC or SFU students conducting undergraduate thesis studies.

Other positions

No other positions are currently posted.

Notice for Potential Applicants

Our team is constantly changing. The students and post-docs in the group have historically done well, with alumni working in both industry and academia. We take pride in teamwork and maintaining a positive research environment. Opportunities are always available for exceptional students and post-docs. Computer programming skills are essential—we work in a linux environment and develop our own software (primarily in Python).

Post last updated: 08/25/2020